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Gold scrap metals and other precious metals, as seen through the camera of Midwest Refineries.

The images of of gold and precious metals in our photo gallery were taken using scale models from Midwest Refineries’ die cast metal car and truck collection. All images are the copyrighted property of Midwest Refineries, and are not to be used in any form, public or private, without our knowledge and written permission.

King Tut's Gold Burial Mask with 10K, 14K and 18K gold jewelry scrap
Midwest refineries are buyers of all karats of gold scrap smelter and refiner
18K gold jewelry scrap, gold pocket watch cases and 18 KT. gold casting grain

Gold refiners on top of gold shipments since 1939.

gold jewelry people have lying around in drawers
This is not gold scrap, but it's really cool!
18KT Gold Pocket Watch - Circa 1760
Silver from plating process, photographic silver flake
Platinum - Rhodium Thermocouple Wire Type S and Type R
Goldsmiths Gold Dust and Bench Sweeps
Medical grade platinum scrap catheters, platinum tips and bands
U.S. coin silver 1964 or older. 90% coin silver
Placer Gold - Flakes and Nuggets. Placer gold is comprised of tiny flakes and nuggets found in streams and ravines.
Gold, Steel, Wood and Rust
Gold jewelry scrap, gold coins and bars and dental gold. Scrap Gold Jewelry Island
Precious Metal that is not Precious Metal

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